Sunday, August 3, 2008

coffee pot update

when I arrived home one of the first topics of discussion was the need for a new coffee pot. It is something I have been mulling for some time but had not done anything about as of yet. D proclaimed the Krups broken, did not make enough coffee, it wasn't hot enough-a litany of complaints personally it worked just fine on Saturday morning but who am I to quibble? He had been looking at pots picked one or two and he was going to go buy it but in my opinion the coffee situation is my domain I drink gallons more than he does so I went coffee pot shopping. Having just been at my parents and once again admiring the Cuinsart they have had for many years I decided to go that route. D still felt the need to interject his opinion and called me at the store and in one of those odd we have been married way to long moments he told me to buy the exact model number I happened to have in my hands that I was just about to go pay for.
Good purchase and a great cup of coffee this morning!

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