Friday, August 8, 2008

the mommy club

I am not a member.
Well yes I am a mommy but I don't have mommy friends or rather friends I acquired by being a mommy. I have the full range of friends who just happen to be mommies you name it we are bio, step, adoptive, foster, trying to become a mommy and our children run the gamut from the newborn just home this week to the grown woman getting married next spring and seemingly every age in between.
I am friendly with the mothers of his classmates, baseball buddies, church friends etc we carry on conversations for the odd hour or two when we are thrown together but these are not ladies I am lunching or shopping with. It does not bother me per se , for the most part we have just surface sorts of things in common but the one time of year it bugs me is back to school I have no idea what his teacher is "really" like and no one to call and say hey what do you know about so & so what sort of teacher are they?
That being said meet & greet went just fine in fact rather quickly as the new teacher was not particularly chatty with any of the kids or parents. I suppose we'll see. Ran into some kids & parents we knew unfortunately C is only in class with one boy he knows from kindergarten but he makes friends quickly so I am not concerned about his social life. Curious to see what sort of homework he gets this year that will be an adjustment for him. Again I suppose we'll see what this year brings.

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