Tuesday, August 30, 2011

mandatory service job

either retail or a food service job should mandatory for all people, all walks of life for a period of time, no less than a single year. As someone who has worked retail for a zillion and one years now I can tell the folks that have never once had to work a single day of retail in their entire life.

Monday, August 29, 2011

they might make a Southerner out of me yet

I am going to attempt fried green tomatoes with dinner tonight

when dirt is not dirt

my vegetable plants are still growing, green and pretty and I am continually teased with the possibility of a vegetable here & there but nothing has grown to fruition as of yet. Disappointing to be sure however I am not ready to through in the "yes I too can garden towel". I have plans to start a compost pike for next spring and hope to get the raised plot that must have been a garden at one time in our yard cleaned off this winter. In the meantime I bought a few mums already started for the flower planter out front that never quite managed to grow any of the flowers seeds planted. As I grabbed my potting soil I noticed in big letters on back "not for containers" has that been my problem all along I bought the wrong dirt?! who knew there was a right & wrong kind of dirt?

missed the bus...

because it was too early?! since when are school buses early? but score one for modern technology the girl at the bus stop with C got a phone call from a friend already on the bus at a later stop informing girl & C that that had in fact missed the bus. Kiddo called me & headed back to the house I think under the impression he was gonna be in trouble (which he was not). Luckily timing was such that the drop off lines at school had not hit the maximum insanity levels quite yet and drop off occurred with little muss & fuss.