Saturday, February 13, 2010

I am grateful for my job

truly I am I swear:
I am grateful to get a paycheck every two weeks.
I am grateful for an employer that lets me work sometime unconventional hours so that I can be in school or I can fetch my child when he is early dismissed from his school. They are also okay with the infrequent times I have to bring him along to hang out for a shift.
That being said one of the few perks at getting stuck working on Saturdays was the fact that absolutely no one else was in the offices working, just me except somewhere along the way the owners have started working on Saturdays disturbing my peace and quiet and it makes me very cranky very cranky indeed!

Friday, February 12, 2010

the "common" cold

bah and humbug they can put an artificial heart into someones chest but they have not come up with a cure for a cold yet? Never mind wear red for the cure day wear yellowish green (in honor of mucus) for the cure!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Knox county school system lost their minds today

flurries....flurries that were not sticking to anything got the kids out of school 3 hours early! And I might add it's not even flurrying now..but it brings me back to the snow day conundrum the weather was not bad enough today to warrant anything he could have safely gone to daycare which would have been easier on everyone (that should read me) but this sort of protocol is not something that can be changed on a whim. So what to do what to do??? In case of real snow I would like to know that he will picked up and taken straight home so I suppose protocol will have to stay as it is currently even though it is an inconvenience when the school system has lost it's ever-loving mind.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

did you know Valentine's day was upon us?

me & the hubs don't really "do" Valentines day because it is a made up holiday if he can't manage to buy me flowers on some random day in ohh August then we have a problem but but did purchase some overpriced roses on February 14 because the holidays Gods told him to please I'd be annoyed. Anyway the kid still has a party at school on Friday so we stopped to pick up valentines for his classmates, settling again on the football themed valentines as the others were deemed just "too babyish". I told him to grab something for his teacher whom we suspect he has a little crush on....he picked a rather large $12 box of candy and since David & I have a $10 limit on each other i was not about to spend more on C's teacher!