Wednesday, April 22, 2009

another annoying exchange with the doctor's office

after my third phone call of the day about C having pink eye and then having to explain no it is just his allergies I decided perhaps it might be a good thing to visit the doctor and see if we could get some medication that will work a bit harder than the OTC stuff we have been using..
it started out with me saying I wanted the first appointment of the day with anyone available
"who is your doctor"
um Doctor X but I'll take anyone
"He does not work on Wednesdays will R be okay?"
yes did you miss the part where I said anyone available? and we proceed to make the appointment of course nothing available first thing in the morning so I have to settle for afternoon but at least they can fit us in.
"what is your son's id number or ss#?"
I am driving, have no idea what his id number is and cannot access his ss# while driving. Using his name and birth date did not appear to be any sort of problem and took mere seconds and yet..
"when you come in I will circle his id number on your receipt"
that's great but not something I will memorize or be able to access while driving..still driving the car

Sunday, April 19, 2009

already I regret not going the nap route

found in C's bedding
-a pack of gum
-and spilled red gatorade on the sheets, bed and a towel

what to do, what to do

a rainy Sunday morning and I have about a dozen things that need doing
-clearing off the dining room table and while we are at it why in the high holy hell does it get so cluttered so fast?
-laundry & ironing
-organize coupons
-make menu for week and then grocery list
-go grocery shopping
-change bedding
-get some studying in
maybe not quite a dozen but these were just the first things that came to mind..
I do have the house to myself for a little bit so a nap might have just vaulted to the number one priority on the list