Thursday, March 10, 2011

causing road rage

yeah I did I was so not paying attention and cut someone off on the interstate got a typical response a horn honk and a gesture with his finger. ok fine I deserved as much it was a bonehead move on my part, but how do you convey sorry my bad? waving seems a bit odd & I don't know that he would have seen my shrug my shoulders so I just went about my business. In order to make his point he had to get on my right side and flash me another bird as he drove by...whatever dude yes I was wrong, I got you're mad at me take a deep breath let it go. No no as he was about to exit off he had to roll down his window and flash me the bird one last time, at that point I started laughing which was kinda nice I needed a good laugh for a change.

ways to drive me crazy

#241 not answering texts or phone calls...
seriously my dear husband you are in a hospital bed what else do you have to do but respond to the occasional text or a phone call?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm not exactly a good Catholic

but I do not consider mcnuggets to be real meat so I get a pas on the Ash Wednesday transgression for lunch...the roast in the crock pot for dinner is however a different story

and while we are talking vacation

I had really hoped to take the megabus to DC over spring break in fact I had almost bought tickets a few months back I mean come on what a deal 3 of us travel to DC for only under $10? how totally awesome is that? But alas the current "oh God what's wrong now?" state of affairs has us not traveling for spring break of course in all fairness we generally don't travel for spring break we are not those people I'd like to be but in the real world we can't drop everything and go on vacation several times a year but wouldn't it be nice? I am hoping we can work out the DC trip sometime within the next year there is so much to do & see there not least of all is a restaurant owned by top chef contestant that I would like to try plus several that Anthony Bourdain spotlighted on his show. And quite frankly I love museums & historical stuff so DC is right up my alley!

really in need of a vaction

or maybe just a long weekend? heck a pj day (which involves lots of pj wearing, watching bad movies on SyFy and eating Chinese food) would probably go a long way for me right now

Sunday, March 6, 2011

bad luck comes in threes right?

as of yesterday David has had
-3 ambulance trips
-3 ER visits
-3 hospital stays
all in 4 months time...when does the good luck start? Should we buy a lottery ticket this week?