Saturday, January 2, 2010

holiday recap

they were good end of story..okay they were also busy and as usual I was far from prepared, overwhelmed and they are over already but as usual I also enjoyed them. I was disappointed to not be able to spend the holiday with my folks in CT but honestly Christmas is hard to get away. Now if we could get them to travel once in awhile it would be great but I am not holding my breath. Hopefully next year works out and we can trek up to CT to be with them, not always easy when you work in retail and have a kid and are in school etc etc you get the point I am busy. Already I am swearing I am going to be more organized next year but I think I say that every year don't I?? pretty sure I do & maybe one of these years I actually will be. Again not holding my breath I know me. New Years Eve was good we hosted our annual event with friends I had fun and hope everyone else did too. I was able to work in some new recipes for munchables which I always enjoy doing. Regardless of what is going on next year I hope to have a few vacation days saved up so I could take a day or two off to enjoy family and friends a little more and maybe just maybe not seem so rushed again working in retail..easier said than done. I do think David and I are going to add in the trip to Atlanta each year to celebrate my birthday, do some Christmas shopping and just spend some time together sans kiddo I am already looking forward to that too.

Friday, January 1, 2010

merry happy new year!

life just keeps trucking on and once again I am hopeful for a happy, healthy and maybe hopefully a prosperous new year! oh and yeah I still don't buy into the resolution thing exactly there is quite a bit about myself & my life I would like to improve it the upcoming year

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas music

I have loads of Christmas CDs but with the advent of cable systems that do just about everything but wash wash your dishes and the 24 hour Christmas music channel I have not drug a single CD out of my collection this year and well the season is waning as far as Christmas music is concerned..ah well maybe next year

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

racial identity

with as pale as I am the fact that C is a light skinned as he his was a shock to no one. I'll go so far as to say he is passin' well maybe not in the summer time when he tends to mocha up a bit but I digress. As a toddler he was confused by the 1/2 black 1/2 white thing he tended to view it in zebra terms "this half is the white half etc..etc" As he is growing up he is identifying more with his black half. Last year okay it was the elections and at school "the black kids were all voting for Obama and I am one of the black kids" of course I pointed out more importantly in that particular case we were democrats but again I digress. His video game avatar is always clearly black and no not African American my husband's family has never been to flippin Africa and yes I now how not PC of me well too bad. What I found amusing yesterday was the discussion of an older video game he played that had Derek Jeter and "did you know in the game he was BLACK" what the hell was up with that was the gist of that conversation so I pointed out that well Mr Jeter was indeed black just like you my dear boy.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

sleeping in or not as the case may be

I have become an early riser not by choice mind you and I am still cranky as hell when getting up in the morning but I am generally speaking up by 6 in the morning each and every day even on the weekends when I can in theory sleep in..except I cannot. The only time when it seems like I could actually sleep in would be those odd Saturday mornings when David has to go to work and so the alarm has got to be set and well let's face it even when he is being quiet David is not so very quiet. So yes those mornings I am up early too although I will admit to going back to bed in the early afternoon when at all possible.
My dear sweet son C is not an early riser and school mornings are a bitch to put it mildly or for that matter any morning he has to get up and we have to be someplace in a timely manner. The exception being when we are headed to CT to see my folks then well then I wonder if he hasn't been in his clothes all night so he can hop up & jump in the his grammy & grandpa he does. Of course weekends or any other day he does not have to be anywhere he is up by 6 reading and raring to play video games or be fed which luckily he is old enough to handle the food thing on his own.

damn the environment

so when I win the lottery I am gonna have some put freshly laundered sheets right out of the dryer on my bed every evening okay okay maybe not in the summer but all the rest of the year! gotta love clean warm sheets

Monday, December 28, 2009

just want to go live in a cave

because people are stupid and I just need a break...mind you I need the cave to have running water, electricity, heat and of course high speed internet access. Come on I may be teetering on the brink and all but I'm not completely crazy