Saturday, May 29, 2010

beer run

Pete and I sojourned to NC today to fetch a keg of beer for Sunday's Meatfest festivities. I was reluctant to give up a good portion of party prep time but it turned out to be productive trip as in the course of our travels came across a bakery thrift store to buy buns & chips then we hit Sams on the way home then with one rather quick trip to the grocery the party was properly supplied. It was a beautiful day which made the trip very enjoyable we are already talking of heading over with David & C and making a day of it later in the summer. All that is left is cleaning the diaster that is my house..hope no one brings their white glove we might fail that test....

Monday, May 24, 2010

when reality creeps into your dreams

generally speaking not a fan because it is usually not the fun stuff that pops up in my dreams nope instead it is almost always the things that happen to be weighing on my mind well for instance last night 2 separate but equal problems in my life got wrapped up in a nice little package of angst with a bow on top for me to wake up with on this Monday morning which I happen also not particularly be a fan of