Saturday, June 11, 2011

the summer I finally try to grow something

my mother's black thumb is notorious in our family she may have even killed a plastic plant or two at one time or another. I have had a houseplant or two along the years only one, a christmas cactus that has survived, only bloomed once but it's still alive. I've wanted to have a garden for forever now but don't really know much about getting that started so after much deliberation I ordered some plants as well as some seeds and after trip to the store this weekend will hopefully have a few container gardens started, some peppers, a tomato plant, cucumber bush and several spices. Fingers crossed and all that thankfully the farmer's market is not far from the house! Who knows maybe one of these years I'll get a real garden growing out in the backyard.

Friday, June 10, 2011

why I am not a Bonnaroo

-I'm 43
-I really really really like my mattress
-I like air conditioning
-I like running water
-I'm not a fan of large crowds
but honestly 20 years ago I so would have been there!

43 year old skin

I must admit to a fairly lackadaisical approach to my skin care regime throughout the year mostly involving a wash cloth maybe some soap and infrequently some face cream, but upon closer inspection last night I believe it's time to actually start a skin care regime these days you know astringent and maybe some of that heavy duty facial cream...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

it's the grown-up boys that are silly

the paintball party for C seems to be drawing great interest from some of David's friends with one even trying to figure out how to come up from Florida for the weekend to attend. I am considering booking a paintball party for David...and I'm not sure if I am kidding or not just yet

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

birthday countdown

C is less than a week away from officially and legally being 11 and bouncing off the walls about it I might add..of course the multiple opportunities for cupcakes might have something to do with that. At Meatfest I was fortunate to get some cuddle time with Danger (not his real name but his nickname for quite a few folks in our group) almost 2 months old cute as can be & a snuggle bug that can still fit across your chest. Looking down at such a little guy then looking over at the big lug my own baby has become it is hard to remember him as a baby!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

where did my year go?

hard to believe David's neck surgery was just a year ago it seemed to be the catalyst in a very odd doctor/hospital/medical malady filled year for the family. Fingers crossed things have been fairly quiet as of late and hopefully they will stay that way!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Meatfest recap

it was the best ever!
but don't we say that every year? and every year it is pretty much true we had a great gaggle of folks attend and they all brought something yummy food items to eat and oddly enough for the first year that I can recall we had no meat leftover the next day, luckily the chicken leg quarters never left the fridge so David manned the grill early on Memorial Day & grilled those bad boys right up. As usual my panic was for naught & everything came together well at the end..except for my ugly pie which baked perhaps 10 minutes too long and just did not make it....