Saturday, November 21, 2009

heading towards the finale..

the latest Top Chef season is drawing to a close and what with Project Runway having finished this past week I am about to enter a reality/competition conundrum!
Eli my favorite chef to start out with was eliminated just this week and his former boss and former Top Chef-er Richard Blais wrote a really great blog about him. I still really want to try out ENO and will hopefully get the chance in the not too distant future. As the season has progressed my loyalties did change and I have been a devoted fan of Kevin Gillespie whose restaurant I will be dining at as part of my birthday weekend in Atlanta and hopefully again when the girls road trip again in the new year!

do we even have crime in West Knoxville?

okay so bad enough you are going to shoplift at a grocery store...then get caught...but what switch in your head says hey I know I will run over the cop trying to arrest me?!
and quite frankly I don't endorse shoplifting but times are tough maybe you need to steal to feed for your family but no no not these guys detergent, starter fluid and hot sauce? what the hell is there some new kind of meth made from hot sauce or something???
Glad we went shopping on Monday and missed all the excitement

Monday, November 16, 2009

it's Monday..again?!

so soon?!?!
did you know that next week is Thanksgiving? and gulp a mere 39 days till Christmas?
good grief we do even have Thanksgiving dinner planned or Christmas cards ordered....
ack let the holiday panic commence