Friday, April 23, 2010

how does one accidentally run?

C has been having severe allergy related issues this spring, much like last spring but worse complete with an asthma type attack, low Oxygen level etc etc...He went to the doctor on Tuesday had a breathing treatment was prescribed a few things fine okay he is improving. The nurse practitioner had also sent along a note excusing him from recess & gym for the remainder of this week which I told him included afternoon outdoors play at daycare. He was none too thrilled because what fun is it sitting down with a book when you can be up and playing with your friends, he even asked me to pick him up early because he couldn't play. I just got a phone call from him from school which to start with I shudder to see the school on caller id but luckily it was just C letting me know he "accidentally ran" but felt just fine and could he play at daycare? So beware of accidental running it can happen anywhere...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

last meal

a few years ago I seem to remember the last meal nonsense was the trendy thing of the moment and while I have no plans (hopefully) for a last meal anytime soon I would have to pick leftovers.....yes leftover chicken parmesan may be my favorite dish of all times why on earth is l;eftover Italian food so damn good?

Monday, April 19, 2010

a watched pot never boils

and a phone doesn't ring when you are awaiting news either

Sunday, April 18, 2010

sibling rivalry

sounds so negative what about sibling one upmanship for our purposes this husband and his brother they have it except it is mostly in reverse with David who is the younger brother doing things first and JJ his older brother following. Generally speaking it is extremely innocuous usually it is about a new food, a movie or a new band and of course local restaurants. The latest would be our excursion to the Brasserie last weekend for brunch which as luck would have it had my MIL calling this morning offering to take the family over there this morning for brunch and I am guessing it is BIL who put the bug in her ear but however it shook out hell it works for me!!!!