Wednesday, March 7, 2012

oh and the stupid hair again

sort kinda growing mostly white instead but still with huge gaps so while I let it grow in some to see what it's doing I am still shaving it off. Hats are a no o at the p/t job so I have been wearing the wig a bunch and it has seen better days, the second wig that I loved in the shop but not so much when I got it home well I am hopefully gonna fix it so it is not so pouffy & big haired. I also went by the wig shop yesterday to price some new wigs I think it's time to get more of a collection going that I can rotate some.
when I went for my facial yesterday the girl mentioned entering a contest for a free hair color & cut...needless to say I didn't enter LOL

best mis-read of my day

you know when you look at a headline quickly and see something that is not what is written on the page... I read "voted for unicorns over Fedex" which is infinitely more amusing than "voted for the unions over FedEx."

I never win anything

except every now & again I do and over the holidays I won a facial at Spa Visage from Family Friendly Knoxville. Of course because I am horrible about making time for myself I came perilously close to letting the darn thing expire which would have been tragic because
1) I never win anything
2) I don't make time for myself
3) 40+ year old skin needs more work than it did 20 years ago
4) facials are awesome!
I am gonna go out on a limb and say a facial might be even better and more relaxing than a massage and I have gorgeous pores this morning to prove it