Tuesday, October 26, 2010

not exactly the party animals we once were

Halloween party on Saturday night and the quick realization that we did not have plans in place for the kid. Hubs said no problem he would ask niece#2 and quite frankly I scoffed okay maybe I just laughed
21 year old niece?
the Saturday before Halloween?
surely to God she had plans to go out but was amazed she was available till I heard the terms.....she has plans to go out at 11...and of course that's fine for us to home by 11...after a party..what's next the early bird special?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

shopping without a net

or worse a shopping list...
In an effort to be more budget minded I generally do not go into a grocery store without a very specific list of what we need, even if it's just for milk & bread. This seem to have helped cut down on my wandering up & down aisle buying things we really do not need and spending $50 on a shopping trip that should have run $10. Yesterday evening I was out & about and knew I needed specific groceries for tonight's dinner so I stopped and brazenly decided what the hell I can accomplish the weekly shop and be done with it all. I did very well planning meals in my head and making sure I bought only what we needed. I was oh so proud of myself until this morning when I realized that I was lacking 3 items necessary for today's menu. Today's menu you know the only reason I had gone shopping in the first place.