Saturday, October 3, 2009

pizza pig out

Love Gattis Pizza! the kid has had pizza, dessert pizza and 3 salads all for the price of a drink thanks to the school coupon book

Friday, October 2, 2009

funeral chicken phenomena continues

the sibling of a close friend passed away this week and David's first thought was to pick up chicken my goodness he is such a Southerner! Naturally I put together a ziti and my partner in crime(being a Northerner) was putting together a lasagna!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

how do you detox?

right now the avoidance tactic seems to be my preferred method and while mostly effective I am sure it will catch up to me and in fact I suppose my current bout of sickness and the spate of aches and pains over above the norm are a direct result of stresses in my life. And they are many too many to go into here and from all facets of my life which makes for...hmmm wonder if that could be factor in my sleep problems? Safe bet who needs a sleep clinic for that diagnosis? So all one or two readers how do you de-stress? I have no free time and no extra money for a weekly massage but damn a spa day sounds like a lovely idea doesn't it?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

spent the day walking in someone else's shoes

and that would be literally not figuratively.....
Started my day out as I do each Saturday this semester heading to lab except this week I was a little fuzzier than usual and had the added task of dropping the dog at sleep away camp for the night because we had planned on being out of town for the day & night. Got to campus walked into the building looked down and oh dammit sandals on my feet breaking rule one of lab-no open toed or open heeled shoes I also had coffee in my hands breaking rule two but that situation was easily remedied. I got stuck wearing the junky sneakers left in the classroom for such nincompoops that forget rule #1. Then of course our out of town plans were thwarted by the torrential down pours of the day sending us to the bowling alley for an afternoon of well bowling leaving me once again not in my own shoes

in case you didn't know

price upon request
translation you can't afford this