Tuesday, September 29, 2009

how do you detox?

right now the avoidance tactic seems to be my preferred method and while mostly effective I am sure it will catch up to me and in fact I suppose my current bout of sickness and the spate of aches and pains over above the norm are a direct result of stresses in my life. And they are many too many to go into here and from all facets of my life which makes for...hmmm wonder if that could be factor in my sleep problems? Safe bet who needs a sleep clinic for that diagnosis? So all one or two readers how do you de-stress? I have no free time and no extra money for a weekly massage but damn a spa day sounds like a lovely idea doesn't it?

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Cathy said...

i plug in the earbuds and dance like nobody is looking until i'm exhausted (i wrote this ee cummings style for you)