Friday, December 4, 2009

this forecast brought to you by...

your local grocery store.
let the snow panicking begin

Christmas is how many days away??

crap now I am doing pretty okay in the gift buying department but hell the tree is not decorated, the yard isn't either, cards have arrived but I have not even begun to start envelopes, there are cookies to be baked, rum cakes to be made, cheer to be spread...damn I do not have enough time in my day 'cause I have a ton or stuff backed up at work not good product needs to be on the sales floor so it can sell, have a ton of school work due in less than 2 weeks including 2 exams, several social events are planned and then the big belated birthday weekend in Atlanta the very weekend before Christmas. I am tired just thinking about it all..maybe I'll go to bed now and gather strength for the coming weeks
I should really add Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year always has been even working in retail I love this season..I would really like to be able to enjoy it once in awhile because at this rate next time I blink it'll be Valentines Day

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

the snoring conundrum continues

after a rough night of sleep or rather lack of sleep one of the comments I always get from David is "why didn't you wake me or tell me to roll over"
So last night I did several times not even all the times..suffice to say he did not get up early for work as originally planned..I guess someone kept on disturbing his sleep...

Monday, November 30, 2009

redecorated the bathroom this weekend

okay so maybe I just bought a new bath mat & shower curtain
you say 'to-may-to', I say 'to-mah-to'

is santa coming to visit?

C has conceded there is "Mommy & Daddy" Santa but there is still Santa coming too..pretty funny I have even flat out told him it's okay Santa will still bring gifts but what the hell I still get presents from Santa well technically Klaus Von Bulow but that is another story unto itself

yay for the interweb

for someone who did a whole lot of scoffing at those black Friday and/or earlier Christmas shoppers I have an amazing..well amazing for me..amount of my shopping completed thanks to a few clicks here and there this weekend. Dare I say maybe I'll even start wrapping once they arrive?