Wednesday, July 14, 2010

cinematic adventures

I love going to the movies! I have many fond memories of seeing just about everything that came out way back when (okay maybe not everything but I did go to the movies quite often) Childbirth, of course, seriously curtailed movie going experiences which really sucked but there was the DVD player and movies on cable. As C got older we were limited to strictly kid flicks but now heading into the tween years regular type non R-rated flicks have returned to our cinema excursions...however the price of movies geesh $37 last night for 4 of us, nephew Z came along and no way we could disguise his 16 year old self as a kid...that was 37 dollars without refreshments I might add I made the boys purchase their own. I will say the Despicable Me was worth every penny it was really a good movie and an enjoyable way to spend our Tuesday evening