Friday, April 10, 2009

hate long car trips

I do I hate them with a passion. Generally speaking I am in charge of collecting all of the pertinent snacks & drinks, gum, entertainment etc. Not fun I really detest the whole process and then sitting in a car endlessly with nothing to do because yes if I read in the car I get car sick...
Blah oh well at least we have garmin to navigate the trip. I never thought we needed one till we had the use of one no I am wondering if I can even make it around town without it. Luckily the car trip today was not so terrible even though I started the day feeling dizzy and light headed due to a lack of getting older kids.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

which is worse

-my co-worker watching this dvd at lunch
-my recognizing the film at first glance
-the fact that I saw this movie in the movie theater back in the day
you be the judge

are you at least going to buy me a drink first?

registered for my fall class this week. I am taking the first of the Anatomy & Physiology classes it should be an interesting class and we get a cadaver for lab so big fun next semester. Unfortunately I have lab on Saturdays at 9 in the morning so kind of curious how that is going to work out for me but I digress(but when don't I?) Out of curiosity I was going to see what text book we would need with plans on buying in online for a ridiculously less amount of money than the bookstore wanted me to pay for it only to find that the A&P classes uses on of those bundles for lab & class that is specific to the course being taught so specific meaning I have to buy the frickin text book at the bookstore for..wait for it...300 hundred dollars. Craziness!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Mommy faux pas

C has been in an apples & peanut butter for snack sort of place lately. I have been buying him the pre-cut stuff to take to school (lazy & costly probably but who wants brown apples for snack?!) anywhoodles I grabbed some at the grocery this weekend except..shock horror gasp.. I bought High School Musical apple packages. Of course those will just not do!
this morning I get "I think I'll just stick with grapes today Mommy"
Daddy has graciously offered to take them in his lunch.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

an evening with Mr Bourdain

the evening started out with potential car difficulties that appear (um fingers crossed folks) to have not come to fruition. Really fingers crossed because this is the better of the two vehicles of course that is not really saying a whole hell of a lot however...C got dropped at the Retro-Moderns abode. Mr Retro-Modern graciously offered his babysitting services for the evening and who are we to say no?! They were joined by Mr Feed the Monkeys for an evening of pizza, ice cream and Wii. David & I were then off to meet part of our group at a local Honduran joint, La Rumba, that David seemed to have produced out of thin air as a dining idea . The company was fantastic, lively & fun, the food was good and I would very much like to go back and sample other menu items but it was the $2 margartias that sold me on the place. We were then off to meet the rest of our group at the Tennessee Theater and enjoy Anthony Bourdain's ruminations on his show, cooking, travel and life in general. He was witty, engaging, and down right personable and I could have kicked myself for not splurging on the meet & greet tickets but they were $140 and not exactly a reasonable expenditure for us at this time. You can of course head over to Retro-Moderns for another synopsis of a lovely evening out on the town