Thursday, February 24, 2011

yes I am that dweebie

I am contemplating taking a day off on April 29th so I can watch the royal wedding....I have not missed a one since Prince Charles married Lady Diana back in 1981 yup I am a total geek for all of that stuff.

do you check your statcounter?

I must admit I don't really except every once in awhile I do and am then puzzled why on earth is there been a large influx of Russian readers?

I am about basketballed out

C is on the allstar team which translated to several weeks of practice twice a week and a double elimination tournament which started this week. I should not complain as I have only been to one game this week but C has his 3rd game in as many nights this evening, and it doesn't help that the school where the games are being played is 45 minutes away. While I was rooting for them to win last night I was also kinda hoping they might lose so we could be done already.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

not much of a punishment at our house

hot saucing...C throws hot sauce on everything he is his father's son in that respect!
You want to punish this kid the tragedy of losing video game time now that will get his attention

Monday, February 21, 2011

pedicure weather

spring when a young girl's thoughts turn towards open toe shoes....
ok so I am not so young but my feet are in desperate need of attention before I even consider dragging out my sandals...might have to try and find the time for a pedicure this weekend

what is wrong with you two?

I wake up early not by choice necessarily I used to love sleeping late and totally miss it but my schedule being what it is I am usually awake for the day by 6 am tops. And being that early on the weekend it's my time, the boys are both still in bed so I can grab some coffee, geek on the computer and watch bad television in peace and quiet. The dog will join me but all he does is lay by my feet and snore. I will admit to being annoyed yesterday morning before I even had the coffee on and C is dragging himself into the living room so bad mommy that I am I banished him to his room to read, play legos go back to sleep whatever it was too early to deal with 20 questions. He went grudgingly but he went but as soon as I got rid of him David decides he is ready to get up for the day. I love both of them but good grief they need to know better that to infringe on my early morning quiet