Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I was so busy turning into to my mother

I might have missed the traits of my father that I seem to have picked up too. The whole travel at Christmas thing I am not a fan I want it to all be at my house. Growing up we NEVER went anywhere for Christmas it was always at home anyone & everyone was welcome but my father was not going anywhere for the holiday. I think that tradition started the first year my folks were married and there were issues about whose family they spent the holiday with. Now don't get me wrong I love my family & I hate not to be with them in CT for the holiday but quite frankly I was fussy about driving less than 5 miles to go to MIL's house for Christmas dinner.
We were suppose to go to CT for the holidays this year but did not not due to lack of vacation time and then David's illness would have thrown a wrench into all plans and the blizzard would have really thrown a wrench into things so our not going happened to have worked out. Don't' get me wrong I would have really rather been with my family but I can tell you the travel would have had me grumbling!

Monday, December 27, 2010

cloak of invisibility

I am considering buying a special hat or sweater or shirt that while I am wearing it would indicate leave me alone, don't ask me any questions, tell me about your video games, ask me to fetch you anything, tell me about some car I have no interest in, offer to do a chore you are not quite up to just yet, I do not want a hug I do not want to hear about your day I don't want to talk about mine and sorry Oscar I do not want to pet you right this second. Sometimes I just need quiet and to be still and to have a thought every once in awhile that is just about me. I promise not to wear it often but when I am at the end of my rope watch for it.