Friday, July 8, 2011

too much social media?

the blog, facebook, twitter and now google+ ?! It's too much pressure trying to not repeat myself in one or more of the outlets, let alone to try and be witty. I'd stress about myspace too it I could recall the last time I actually logged onto myspace or if I could even remember my password.

operation green thumb:progress report

everything still alive & well & growing!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

executive decision

was made to go to the healthy kids cooking class at our local Earth Fare. C was a bit peeved with me at first but he spends more than enough time with his head in video games, the television and the computer so an hour at free cooking class was an idea I was insisting upon. Going in I told him if he had a horrible time that he would never have to go again....minutes in he decided he had was having a great time and would like to go again! It's an every other week thing so I have already entered it onto my calendar, I also discovered the alternate weeks there is a class for adults so I have entered those into my calendar as well. Earth Fare is indeed an awesome grocery!