Saturday, October 17, 2009

is it all down hill from here?

what is it with the sickness??
As I crept into my late 30's and now early 40's I get sick all the damn time several times a season it seems. Colds, sinus infections, strep has been know to happen, the flu, the stomach flu I swear it seems like I am in constant need of medical care and I am over it! Why on earth am I still taking vitamins?! hell maybe that is what is making me sick?? MIL keeps threatening to buy my cod liver oil and I am starting to think I may need to give it a whirl
10/19 Monday P.S. forgot to mention the broken toe which as it is improving I do not believe to have been actually broken just very very bruised And then there was food poisoning suffered from some lobster bisque I think. I won't mention the restaurant 'cause I still really the place maybe will skip the soup next time though

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

why on earth would they make that?

David is sick again with some sort of crud so after C's baseball game I dropped by the grocery store to pick up some Nyquil as well as some Dayquil so he could function if he is up to going to work today. I just grabbed bottles and didn't really look at the Nyquil till I was opening it for him-they have made a less drowsy formula for nighttime um what?! why on earth would you want to be less drowsy isn't the whole point of Nyquil to knock you the hell out so you can sleep??? do I have my advertising campaigns correct? I gave him the less drowsy formula last night but I will pick up some of the original stuff for him today and
A) hopefully he will be on the mend soon
B) I won't catch whatever he has and
3) C won't come down with it either