Saturday, July 11, 2009

oh and the vacation from hell

you really don't want the exorcist type details so lets leave it at the highlights:
stomach flu for both C and myself and some sort of arthritic knee thing for David. total suckage of a vacation I so want a do-over but have no vacation hours left or maybe 3.87 vacation hours left as I could only manage a glance at my pay stub in disgust at the lack of vacation hours at my disposal.
On a slight positive note I did get to spend some time with my folks, my brother and his family, my cousin & her husband and one of my uncles so in all fairness it was not a complete and total failure of a vacation(just mostly)

calling shotgun

well not really we only have 1 kid he kind of gets it by default.... C has ever so slowly wormed his way from the occasional jaunt to the grocery store to sitting in the front seat all the time and it's fine except it puts him in reach of the stereo and I have no place for all my crap you know purse, cell phone, water bottle, which ever bags I happen to be toting along that day, inconvient I tell 'ya.

Monday, July 6, 2009

the mark of a crappy vacation

coming back to work more stressed and cranky than when you left...
more on all of that later I have a pile of junk to dig through that is even worse than the pile I left which is no small feat I might add