Tuesday, June 15, 2010

so PC I don't even know what it means

there were some nice gents out in front of wally world the other morning taking donations for the intellectually disabled...my first very non-PC thoughts wandering to some folks I know that are socially retarded but I don't think that would exactly qualify them for funding

Monday, June 14, 2010

what is in a name??

Sunday paper had an article about women keeping their maiden name which is something I wanted to do originally way back when 14 years ago. I like my maiden name not too many people floating around with it I was also kinda use to it and all. My one mention of not taking David's surname was not well received and I dropped it ultimately not so important to me and having a kid it is easier all having the same last name...in this day and age of blended families I am not sure why I find that important but I do. Yet I still find myself looking around for my MIL when when I am called Mrs So & So

birthday traditions

we follow the typical ones birthday boy gets to choose dinner and I cooked a special breakfast. Basic stuff but the one tradition I started when C turned 1 and quite frankly it may not even interest him but it interests me so good enough for me. I am each year saving a copy of our local paper on his birthday. I have always loved history and old magazines & newspapers and I thought this was a simple yet really neat thing he could look back on someday. Of course I missed the day of his birth and quite frankly I think I may have missed last year but I need to double check that. I remembered this year it's a Sunday paper..it will be missing it's coupons

Sunday, June 13, 2010