Saturday, December 18, 2010

but it's valet parking!!!

as we were waiting for the car to be brought around at the hospital C tried to wrap his head around the idea of valet parking...
"you mean you just give them the keys to your car AND the car? just seems like a bad idea to me"

Thursday, December 16, 2010

not a fan of the in sickness part of those vows

I need a really good hug
I need someone next to me a night to rub my head and lull me into sleep
I even need him to be back snoring next to me waking me up
I miss my husband and want him better soon

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

it's a lot to ask of a 10 year old

I have to go to school and work today and as luck would have it C has a snow day so I have been instructing him on some basic care taking methods for his father, just for today, just for a little while. MIL will be over later so I am not entrusting hubby care entirely on the boy but it did strike me that I can't ask this of the kid in any real's not fair on his 10 year old self. Looking at the calendar Christmas break is fast upon us and I want to keep C as occupied as humanly possible during that time. Yesterday we were blessed with enough snow to sled and a great new neighbor who fed & kept a general eye out on C. Today I am going to call his old daycare and see if there are any spots open over the holiday break so he can spend his days with his pals there and I am going to take up some friends on their offers of how can we help as well to keep the kiddo busy, happy & distracted.

Monday, December 13, 2010

and more on that illness thing

most of the right now angst for me surrounding David's illness is we don't know what is wrong and I am scared. I am not a particular fan of the unknown. After a long Saturday we called an ambulance to bring him to the ER to hopefully get some relief. Which we did some relief not a cure and a CT scan & blood work showed nothing. While grateful for that there is a small part that wished they found XYZ and we can do ABC to fix him however they sent him home. Yesterday was rough again but less so than Saturday. Perhaps now insurance will grant the MRI they were questioning clearly something is wrong with the man and I want him fixed dammit. Have I mentioned Christmas is less than 2 weeks away? We have a tree up with lights but no ornaments, my card were ordered just this weekend, have everything ready to do some baking it just has not happened, Christmas gifts well I am going to shop online for C today everyone else will just have to wait this year. I am hanging on by a thread trying to focus on just getting through each individual day.

way to boost my spirits

David is in poor health right now and it has been a trying time quickly for us....I was in tears talking to my mother last night and in her attempts to buoy my spirits she commented on the line of strong women I come from " yourgreat grandmother, well your grandmother wasn't so strong, a strong mother.."
wait a minute what if it skips a generation then I'm screwed too like my grandmother bwahahaa actually the laugh did cheer me up somewhat. Sleep helped a whole pile more.