Tuesday, December 14, 2010

it's a lot to ask of a 10 year old

I have to go to school and work today and as luck would have it C has a snow day so I have been instructing him on some basic care taking methods for his father, just for today, just for a little while. MIL will be over later so I am not entrusting hubby care entirely on the boy but it did strike me that I can't ask this of the kid in any real capacity..it's not fair on his 10 year old self. Looking at the calendar Christmas break is fast upon us and I want to keep C as occupied as humanly possible during that time. Yesterday we were blessed with enough snow to sled and a great new neighbor who fed & kept a general eye out on C. Today I am going to call his old daycare and see if there are any spots open over the holiday break so he can spend his days with his pals there and I am going to take up some friends on their offers of how can we help as well to keep the kiddo busy, happy & distracted.

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