Tuesday, February 16, 2010

another tale from the my son is a weirdo files

Fat Tuesday I was going to do something special and change up the menu to make pancakes & sausage for dinner, had to make an extra stop at the store on the way to pick up kiddo, got stuck in horrible/ridiculous there is no reason for this traffic but finally got to the boy and got home, get settled about to cook when C asks me about dinner I tell him the pancake plan and his response is a crest fallen face and " but I thought you were making the chicken masala dinner"...weirdo kid doesn't want the pancakes but is all about the curry chicken and it was good but I kinda had my heart set on pancakes.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

when is is you are officially a grown-up?

obviously I am an adult at 42 but I still have trouble with the concept of being a grown-up....My SIL made reference of herself as Mrs (insert her surname here) and my first thought was what does my mother have to do with this conversation? Of course similarly any time anyone calls me Mrs (insert my surname here) I immediately think no no you are looking for my MIL. When I was a kid my parents always seemed to have everything under control yet most days I feel like I am flying by the seat of my pants so when is the magic moment that I get to sit at the grown-ups table?