Wednesday, September 21, 2011

here we are at fall again

my favorite season & the kick-off to the biggies as far as holidays go for our family plus birthdays..and while C's birthday technically a summer birthday he starts planning around October. Last year is pretty much a blur of doctors, hospitals, ambulance rides, stress & sheer panic. I am hoping to enjoy the holiday season a little bit more this year..a trip to the corn maze on tap, pumpkin carving maybe a few halloween decorations I need a costume, rumor has it C will not be trick or treating now that he is the ripe old age of 11 but I have a feeling that may change as the 31st draws a little closer. Thanksgiving, Christmas cards, decorations, baking and perhaps I will finally have that cookie swap party I have wanted to have for forever now! Also on tap will be the plans for a proper garden in the spring. Lots on my to-accomplish list!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

awesome day at the fair

a gorgeous sunny day, not too crowded, plenty of fun and plenty of funfair food to be had!

However next year we bring along a friend for C to hang with the only child thing bites at certain times and this would be one of those. He still had a great time overall but I think that was more to do with winning an air soft gun than anything else. He also won a little stuffed frog or something that we were trying to convince him would be smart to give to the girl he likes at school but I don't think he was quiet buying into the whole idea.