Tuesday, April 6, 2010

from the is it really necessary files

those stick figure bumper stickers with your family....do we really need to know you have 2.3 kids, a dog,a cat, 3 fish and a bunny?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Bunny Day!

-church was of course SRO and that was the early mass I can't imagine how packed the later masses will be
-people drive like idiots in the church parking lot you'd think otherwise but you'd be wrong
-families dressing matchy matchy creep me out
-not an Easter hat or bonnet in sight this morning..
-I do not get worked up about wardrobe for church no one is going to hell for wearing jeans on a Sunday but to the little chickie in that strapless number this is not a night club wear a shrug or a sweater or something next time
-started working on dinner the carrot cake cupcakes smell way to delish hope they make it till dinner
-have eggs boiled but somehow not dyed yet...
-Easter Bunny still way creepy but he does have the very best candy
-peeps are only meant to be eaten at Easter it should be law