Thursday, March 31, 2011

the bendy straw

growing up that was the standard of sickness. You would get ginger ale with a bendy straw that was the only time you would have access to bendy straw at the house so of course same goes in my household. In spite of current circumstances we really do not have much cause for the use of bendy straws but we always seemed to have several boxes on hand just in case, in case of what I am not sure but with the near constant weird medical oddities David has suffered recently we have almost exhausted our bendy straw supplies, guess I'll need to add that to this week's grocery list and here is to hoping they will sit in a kitchen cupboard unopened & unneeded for quite some time!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

probably not very PC of me me but

I am particularly cranky today, overly cranky& it would seem and lot is getting under my skin a lot that should probably not. So very cranky that I even had to stop and asked my self good grief is it PMS?

early warning system

at 4:21ish this morning I got woken up with the news that C heard a train sound and was that a tornado so should we all pile into the bathroom....however this train sound was indeed um just a train we live close enough to to tracks to hear trains all the time. Thanks to my my budding meteorologist for looking out for us!