Tuesday, April 28, 2009

and yet another day of phone calls from the school clinic

day 3? day 4? I have lost count. I finally have called the office and requested he be allowed to go to the library for recess instead of outside. I hate to do that but I am not about to drop everything and bring him home suffering from just allergies, nope not going to happen and I warned him of that this morning. Yesterday the Doctor gave us a nasal spray to go along with the Allegra they had already prescribed(and declared him asthma free thank you very much) but this is the worst bout he has ever had to deal with. I hate that he feels miserable and hope these meds start kicking in soon. I do feel mildly guilty but come on he can not just lay out of class for the entirety of allergy season which in K-town seems to be the better part of the year!

Monday, April 27, 2009

get sick on your own time kid

C is notorious for getting sick at the very end of the school day..you know that last hour that it is physically impossible for me to make it across town to pick him up before the insanity of buses & cars are there at dismissal. I felt only mild guilt at cutting him off and telling him to get his butt back to class for the last 45 minutes of the day. And it's just allergies(although MIL is convinced it's asthma as she has been for several years now and I will have to eat crow if it is asthma so I am really really hoping it is just the allergies again) but as we saw the nurse practitioner just last week & got allergy medicine that does not seem to be helping so much I got an appointment for this afternoon

how lazy can you be?

when the line at the drive thru is 3, 4 or more cars deep I park and go inside and not once has it taken me longer than waiting in line burning up gas

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Rossini Festival

I was shocked to read that this local street fair was in it's 8th year..how is it we have never gone before? After a false start or two we finally made our way downtown for the fun yesterday afternoon. I of course worked a few hours in the morning and if I had been thinking about it would have had someone deliver C & his cousin Z to me but no I trekked back out west to pick up the boys. In all fairness I did swing by the house to change clothes & purses as well as pick up the sunscreen then to MIL's to collect the boys. We then headed to the bank where I discovered much to my dismay the bank card was at home in the other purse. On the plus side I had not waited till we got downtown to get cash I would have been even more pissed off at myself had that been the case. It also provided the opportunity to give C his allergy medicine & eye drops to help get him through the afternoon and then we were off. I made what I am guessing to be a rookie mistake by grabbing an Italian sausage with peppers and onions at the first place we came upon because I kicked myself up & down Gay Street for not waiting to see my other choices there was so much good food! I also regretted being the driver because some of the wine tasting looked good as well..maybe next year. Two boys one 15 one 8 were probably not the best of companions and although they seemed to have a good time they were not so interested in the opera performances or all the artsy & crafty booths. The medieval sword play and food however held their attention pretty well. C normally is all about the face painting but sadly they only had creepy clowns doing face painting and well he does not like the clowns so much so that was definitely skipped. On our way to find funnel cake we discovered and opted for a fairly newish coffee house on Market Square. Okay so I saw they had cannoli and to be honest a bathroom that was not a port-a-potty but it was although it was a smidgen pricey they had decent pastries and a good cup of coffee. It was all in all a lovely afternoon and I look forward to making this an annual event for our family!