Tuesday, April 28, 2009

and yet another day of phone calls from the school clinic

day 3? day 4? I have lost count. I finally have called the office and requested he be allowed to go to the library for recess instead of outside. I hate to do that but I am not about to drop everything and bring him home suffering from just allergies, nope not going to happen and I warned him of that this morning. Yesterday the Doctor gave us a nasal spray to go along with the Allegra they had already prescribed(and declared him asthma free thank you very much) but this is the worst bout he has ever had to deal with. I hate that he feels miserable and hope these meds start kicking in soon. I do feel mildly guilty but come on he can not just lay out of class for the entirety of allergy season which in K-town seems to be the better part of the year!

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Missybw said...

Poor C... hope the season ends soon!