Friday, March 20, 2009

love those inane arguments

you know the ones where you husband swears up & down he has never seen a Natasha Richardson film except he has the one with Mia Farrow called Widow's Peak (which by the way he has to bloody well seen because we watched it together)and then he further claims the only Mia Farrow film he has seen was Rosemary's Baby(which may or may not be possible except I thought we had watched Hannah's Sisters together at some point)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

spring break part deux

C has his turn at spring break this week. Gee wouldn't it have been nice if we would have had the same week?? alas that didn't happen...The kid started break with a sleepover at a friend's house including a trip to see Race to Witch Mountain followed by a Saturday of shopping then Sunday it was his turn to host a sleepover, only 1 friend I may be crazy but I am not nuts! The boys had all day to play on Monday. Poor boring all day Tuesday he went to daycare but then spent the night at his Mee-Maw's house and I guess he is spending the rest of the week there near as I can tell. Pretty sure MIL is taking C & cousin Z to Chuck E Cheese along with their aunt who is a big kid herself! Then Aunt S is taking them to do something tomorrow not quite sure what exactly but she planned on going or doing something. No flashy trips or big plans but a fun break nonetheless

Sunday, March 15, 2009

what to do

the power outage has left us with a not working any longer DVR box
tragic really for starters
-we can't tell what time it is in the living room
-we can't hit a button and see what we are watching
-we can't rewind or pause anything we are watching
-we had episodes of Bourdain & Burn Notice-the season finale to watch still that are now lost....

who turned out the lights

at some point during the early morning hours the power went out. I am not quite sure when as the power had at some point either flickered or gone out so the time on my clock was incorrect. Not that it matters we still had no power. Growing up we use to lose power a lot, well maybe not a lot but it wasn't such a big deal you would simply gather flashlights & candles and hang out in the living room. I suppose we don't lose power very much at all here at the house and it kind of threw C for a loop, he was very put out that I would not go check the breaker box in the garage. Of course the real root of his angst was the fact he could not play his PS2 but quite frankly I had my own not being able to make coffee problems to deal with. Luckily the power came back on before I headed out to forage for caffeine.