Thursday, March 19, 2009

spring break part deux

C has his turn at spring break this week. Gee wouldn't it have been nice if we would have had the same week?? alas that didn't happen...The kid started break with a sleepover at a friend's house including a trip to see Race to Witch Mountain followed by a Saturday of shopping then Sunday it was his turn to host a sleepover, only 1 friend I may be crazy but I am not nuts! The boys had all day to play on Monday. Poor boring all day Tuesday he went to daycare but then spent the night at his Mee-Maw's house and I guess he is spending the rest of the week there near as I can tell. Pretty sure MIL is taking C & cousin Z to Chuck E Cheese along with their aunt who is a big kid herself! Then Aunt S is taking them to do something tomorrow not quite sure what exactly but she planned on going or doing something. No flashy trips or big plans but a fun break nonetheless

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