Sunday, March 15, 2009

who turned out the lights

at some point during the early morning hours the power went out. I am not quite sure when as the power had at some point either flickered or gone out so the time on my clock was incorrect. Not that it matters we still had no power. Growing up we use to lose power a lot, well maybe not a lot but it wasn't such a big deal you would simply gather flashlights & candles and hang out in the living room. I suppose we don't lose power very much at all here at the house and it kind of threw C for a loop, he was very put out that I would not go check the breaker box in the garage. Of course the real root of his angst was the fact he could not play his PS2 but quite frankly I had my own not being able to make coffee problems to deal with. Luckily the power came back on before I headed out to forage for caffeine.

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