Friday, March 19, 2010

that looming teenage mouth

C was trying to convince me of something and I reminded him that I was once 9 as well and he wasn't exactly inventing the wheel here..he did not even skip a beat and pointed out that neither had I...touche my boy touche

Thursday, March 18, 2010

bio-hazard or just another 5th period Biology class?

back in the olden days like say um early 80's we did blood typing in biology class..hell we probably even shared lancets at the time for all I can remember flash forward many years and many infectious diseases later now it is a bio-hazard lab at the college level with no nonsense no drawing any one's blood but your own no more fun & games at all..

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

the innerweb is an amazing thing

as I had some news about my niece in Chicago from my brother Afghanistan before I heard about it from SIL in Chicago it strikes me how frickin cool communication has become. Big thanks to google chat for being awesome and Al Gore for inventing the innerweb

Monday, March 15, 2010

here is where I complain about grocery shopping again

or rather the baggers if you are going to pay these pimply faced teens to bag groceries why don't you teach them how to do it properly?
-I bring my own bags from home to be utilized there is no prize if there are bags leftover
-in plainer English do not cram so many groceries into each bag so that they are so heavy I cannot lift them
-unless of course you are planning to come to my house and carry them into my kitchen for me
-canned goods should go with canned goods, cold items with cold, meat with other meats
-this boils down to try and pack similar items together
-thank for asking no I do not want my milk in a bag
-I did however want the bread in a bag...wth?
-and the rectangular detergent that has no handles whatsoever yes that put in a bag I brought plenty of them in fact there were indeed leftover bags
-and little checkout person my years in retail began before you were born I think so friendly advice idle chit chat stick to idle chit chat I do not need details of your life I have a dozen things running through my head your sleep issues not a concern I have my own thank you very much.

and finally dear grocery store I bring my own bags take a page out of Target's book and give me a 5 cent credit per bag or hell charge to use the plastic bags each time they shop, if folks were spending money on them they might not end up as litter

the weekly grocery shop

growing up traditionally grocery shopping was done Saturdays mornings directly after we ate breakfast at a local diner. As an adult my weekly grocery shopping excursions tend to vary according to how crazy my schedule is but for the most part I had been going on Sunday afternoons which is okay except when Sunday is your only day off during the week so I tried shopping Saturday afternoons which would be fine but EVERYONE shops on a Saturday afternoon so you know that really does not work so well for me. My default day currently has been Monday afternoons after work not a great day & time but doable with my current schedule which makes it a winner...however this morning after I dropped C at school around 7:30ish I stopped in to pick up something for lunch and found the grocery store near empty! near empty!!! Which got me thinking why not shop first thing in the morning? The only draw back being of course C won't be available to help carry groceries in from the car....that is until school lets out for summer.