Thursday, May 2, 2013

let's work on our notification skills

C's math teacher planned a delayed pi day celebration, a two day celebration in fact for after the dreaded TCAPS, because once those are over the teachers need to fill several weeks with something, but that is another post for another day, ok great fine please send in a snack or in lieu of a dollar donation was fine. I had a dollar and the permission slip ready to go Monday morning for C and he piped up with could I drive him to school because he could also bring in a round snack today too. This would be after all weekend, all weekend that I worked, Daddy was off and in fact went grocery shopping, C was out with Daddy on Sunday and even was at the dollar store with cash in hand but not once did a round snack cross his mind, Heck even a late night text on Friday, Saturday or Sunday could have promoted a quick stop at a gas station for a round snack on my way home. But no no C is gonna wait till 7:00am to as me for a round snack I offered a box of square triscuits that he could bite into round shapes beyond that he would have to suffer snackless

is this thing still on?

well whadda ya know there is still a blog here.....