Friday, January 7, 2011

from the can my life get weirder files

hair loss....not leg or underarm or that single weird hair I sometimes get on my forehead no no my hair on my head is falling out like leaving bald spots falling out WTF????? no seriously WTF?
and as I found myself saying no way would I pay $30 for a bottle of shampoo I had wonder what the cost of a wig would be 'cause I think they are super duper expensive and the $30 shampoo might be the way to go. I also have a doctor's appointment coming up but maybe I need to make a salon appointment to a hair stylist might have a better grasp on what is happening and how to stop it. I suppose that hair cut & color I have been putting off will have to wait although I prefer the idea of graying to balding at this point.

Monday, January 3, 2011

requisite new year's post

Happy 2011 I hope to hell it is better than 2010! The year was not all bad but there were some pretty low lows that hope & pray do not get repeated. I don't do resolutions but there are quite a few things about myself and my life I would like to change for the better so good luck to me on that!
I hope & pray for a good, happy and healthy year for my family & friends & those friends I have not met IRL. While our family is needing to cocoon, nest, recuperate & regroup I hope that we will be back to normal very soon.