Friday, May 29, 2009

NO I do not want a credit card!!!!!

so many of the stores I frequent are hassling me and now even Kroger is getting in on the act and I am so very tired of being asked if I want to apply for a credit card and save blah blah% today....
NO! and quit asking if I want a credit card from your establishment!!!!
I would apply for one if I wanted it so no no thank you I have absolutely no interest in a credit card today.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

old people pains

there are certain aches and pains that have developed through the years that while I do not enjoy I have grown accustomed to....I am not however fond of the news ones that are increasingly cropping up-the left hip thing for the past year or so when I am really tired or sick or it's raining or it's Tuesday yeah don't like that one. And the residual on that weird shoulder injury from April while the shoulder is all better there are certain positions it does not want to be place in while I am sleeping c'mom sleeping on my stomach with my arm stuffed under the pillow should not cause this much grief. Then of course the random shooting pains in various parts of your body for literally no reason whatsoever. I suppose my warranty must be up or something
This getting older stuff is for the birds.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

bestest of buddies

when C started school almost 4 years ago now we had to switch his daycare to one that would pick up at his school each afternoon. Once the first summer rolled around we decided to leave him at the new location for continuity and location purposes and quite frankly it is a larger daycare with more field trips and activities than the smaller one provided. He was not thrilled with the idea because he was the only boy in his grade attending the summer camp, after a bumpy start he managed to make friends with some younger & some older boys and he made due the next couple of summers. Until last summer that is when D came on the scene OMG a true "bromance" kidmance was born the boys were inseparable the entire summer. As D does not live in the same school zone they boys have been separated during the school year(and why we did not exchange phone numbers I am not sure but ah well we will this summer).
First day of summer yesterday....I was having car issues the plan was to have MIL get us when car was ready take C to summer camp & me to get car so we go to sleep in a bit yesterday. First thing out of C's mouth when he got up, even before he asked for food was(no small thing if you know my son)
I'm late I need to get to summer camp
And once we arrived at 10:30 the teacher was so happy to C as D had been asking every 10 minutes since he arrived where C was.
way too cute

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Meatfest '09

prepping everything this morning, already made one grocery store run David has offered to make the next one for odds and ends as well as ice. Sickness threw a wrench into my planning but thankfully I am better but way off schedule as far as where I wanted to be organizationally(is that a word?? spell check likes it so must be). I am not doing any of the recipes I had wanted to try but 'ol standards are out in force, rice dish, corn bread, baked beans and ugly pie of course. I am totally cheating with lemonade mix but promise the real deal next summer! and last but not least meat lots and lots of meat, ribs, chicken, pork butt, hotdogs and hamburgers...
I am looking forward to a fun day with with friends even though we will be missing more than a few today..