Wednesday, May 27, 2009

bestest of buddies

when C started school almost 4 years ago now we had to switch his daycare to one that would pick up at his school each afternoon. Once the first summer rolled around we decided to leave him at the new location for continuity and location purposes and quite frankly it is a larger daycare with more field trips and activities than the smaller one provided. He was not thrilled with the idea because he was the only boy in his grade attending the summer camp, after a bumpy start he managed to make friends with some younger & some older boys and he made due the next couple of summers. Until last summer that is when D came on the scene OMG a true "bromance" kidmance was born the boys were inseparable the entire summer. As D does not live in the same school zone they boys have been separated during the school year(and why we did not exchange phone numbers I am not sure but ah well we will this summer).
First day of summer yesterday....I was having car issues the plan was to have MIL get us when car was ready take C to summer camp & me to get car so we go to sleep in a bit yesterday. First thing out of C's mouth when he got up, even before he asked for food was(no small thing if you know my son)
I'm late I need to get to summer camp
And once we arrived at 10:30 the teacher was so happy to C as D had been asking every 10 minutes since he arrived where C was.
way too cute

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