Sunday, May 24, 2009

Meatfest '09

prepping everything this morning, already made one grocery store run David has offered to make the next one for odds and ends as well as ice. Sickness threw a wrench into my planning but thankfully I am better but way off schedule as far as where I wanted to be organizationally(is that a word?? spell check likes it so must be). I am not doing any of the recipes I had wanted to try but 'ol standards are out in force, rice dish, corn bread, baked beans and ugly pie of course. I am totally cheating with lemonade mix but promise the real deal next summer! and last but not least meat lots and lots of meat, ribs, chicken, pork butt, hotdogs and hamburgers...
I am looking forward to a fun day with with friends even though we will be missing more than a few today..

1 comment:

maria said...

We had a great time and you did a spectacular job - especially considering you were ill! Thanks for inviting us. :)