Friday, February 11, 2011

hats are the new shoes

although to be honest I have never been much of a shoe girl David has more of the Imelda Marcos tendency than I do, my leanings are more towards purses & bags and now hats hats and more hats!
There are some cute choices around town and I have only begun to shop! Plus online has many choices although that seems to be a bit risky not be able to try it on before purchase. I was shocked to see how expensive hats can be like really expensive who knew? I am certainly not spending $40, $50 or $100+ on a hat but my goodness some cute stuff out there
(the pictured above all priced out of my price range but all tooooo cute)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

do you ever feel guilty

about starting a book then deciding you really don't like it and have no desire to finish it? Generally I will try to plod through and finish regardless but I have 2 sitting mocking me, well maybe they aren't exactly mocking me exactly but I have my suspicions. And I am terrible about updating my goodreads account too! So I think both of these novels are going ot be chalked up to weel I tried and put into the need to be traded at the used bookstore pile. Which leads me to another thing I have been putting off a trip to the used bookstore maybe we'll head over this weekend and see what kind of goodies we can find

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

do you like my hat?

I do not consider myself a vain person & I've never had lush gorgeous hair but it was alright I mean I had good hair days occasionally and the bald spots had been sort of tolerable maybe even vaguely amusing but only because I had enough hair to hide them. Except last night I discovered they may being getting harder to hide...insert ginormuos sigh...MIL is suppose to take my to her hairdresser this week and she has been after me to sen a lock of hair to my SIL because and I quote (or paraphrase I suppose) "any hair S gets in Las Vegas is going to better than hair we find here in town" In the mean while I am a hat girl as of now officially. Ran by wally world & got a cute newsboy hat, browsed ebay & amazon and more hat shopping to come...really really soon like this afternoon.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

is it a pie? is it a cake?

the Boston Cream Pie is by far one of my favorite cakes ok I really like carrot cakes too but they are not called carrot pie now are they? I am also a fan of the boston cream donut so when I saw Dunkin Donuts new reverse boston cream my interest was piqued, piqued enough to drop by DD for a cup of coffee (because well their coffee is totally awesome) and a reverse boston cream donut. Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate a loose interpretation of the boston cream but totally yummy and totally worth the stop. Luckily the DD closest to the house is not really convenient to get in & out of so it is not going to be a frequent thing but as always a nice treat.