Saturday, January 7, 2012

I can't wait till I'm a grown-up.....

and I can do whatever I want. Ok we've all said it or at the very least thought that but does anyone know when it starts exactly?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

tibits from the trip home

-I wish I lived closer to my folks
-I have lived more years away from this house than in this house at this point in my life
-although it's currently an office I still love the purple paint in my old bedroom
-Danbury meh still would not want to live here
-did enjoy seeing some old friends I wish we could get togther more often
-I really want an old english sheepdog as our next dog, so does C & David is amenable to the idea
-we need a larger house before that happens
-it's is colder up here than I remember
-not a trip to CT without some kind of adventure this time it was baatery & connection problems with our car, fingers crossed that is completely fixed
-bagels are better up here
-buying long grain rice I had one option but the choice of pastas at the grocery store is ridiculous some I don't think I had even heard of before