Friday, February 4, 2011

dreaded school fundraiser time

from the overpriced things you don't need files: magazine subscriptions!
don't get me wrong I love to find my magazines in the mailbox but I have tried to whittle down the ridiculous amount of periodicals coming in the house to just the ones that will get read or at least browsed once in awhile! I will not harass friends and family....but should you want to subscribe to anything before Tuesday please do get in touch with me and you can order pressure

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

and while we are talking fast food

is it weird that the taco bell revelations all over the news have only succeeded in making me crave taco bell?

are theresuch things as calorie offsets?

maybe fast food isn't as bad for you if you walk to the fast food establishment

Monday, January 31, 2011

follically challenged

my trip to the dermatologist got me a diagnose of alopecia areata which has no known causes exactly but could be caused by extreme stress so I can still blame David I got steroid injections into my ouch on that.. and some topical stuff to rub in until my return visit in 2 months. And the oh yeah it could get worse before it gets better....ugh thanks so much and yes it is still getting worse luckily I can still hide the spots, for now anyway. If it progresses further I suppose I will go hat shopping or hair shopping for clip ins and or a wig or maybe just stick with the hat route even though I really am not a hat person however I am even less so a girl that can pull off bald!