Friday, June 19, 2009

adventures at the laundromat

first off all I had to find on. Last week once I discovered the washer not functioning as it should I went on a quest for a place to do my laundry as the only local laundromat I knew of got bulldozed a few years ago to make way for a strip center that sits 1/2 empty. First I searched(in vain) for a cleaners that did laundry haha. Luckily one of them did know of a laundromat that had just opened and was close to my house. Now MIL has graciously offered to do our laundry for us and I did take her up on several loads this week but I didn't feel comfortable bring over all 9 millions pounds of dirty clothes that we seem to accumulate so I held some back for today when our washer was going to be fixed. Except not because it will be cheaper to buy an entire new washer rather than having the old one fixed..doesn't it figure?! So I carted 4 loads of laundry off this afternoon and got them all done in less than 2 hours which we be the only benefit to going to a laundromat. I was pleased it was fairly clean, well the machines were it did look like someone had gotten a hair cut and forgot to sweep up after themselves. Being late afternoon on a very sunny Friday I had the place to myself the entire time which gave me a chance to read in peace and quiet. Only got screwed out of a dollar with one faulty dryer and luckily had just enough quarters to get the job done. One load of shorts & capri pants were a little damp so I just popped them in the dryer when I got home. Technically I could have dried everything at home but who wants to lug 4 loads of wet clothes around?

washer repair '09

8:00am-have a nine hour window in which to sit watch for the repairman
9:30am-having Internet issues call cable company problem is on their end
9:45ish am-try to call Sears and narrow window get automated response you have a call scheduled for sometime between 8-5 today
11:09am-catching up on my DVR television shows
11:55am-annoyed thinking that I could have gotten in at least a 1/2 day at work by now if I had been given a shorter window for estimated arrival of repairman by Sears
12:32pm-repairman ETA 1/2 hour
12:53pm-repairman arrives
12:55-think it is the same guy that came out last year I guess this must be his route
1:15pm-will be cheaper to buy a new washing machine rather than fixing it
1:17pm-crap that is annoying
1:25pm- have a little laugh to myself. Each time we visit my parents I always do laundry before leaving and my father jokes that we bring our dirty laundry with us. This time not so much of a joke
1:38pm-whle my MIL has been a huge help doing our laundry I am going to go to a laundromat and get several loads done this afternoon after all the day is pretty much a bust anyway

Thursday, June 18, 2009

pretty sure they are standard on vehicles these days

turn signals or directionals if you prefer.
The little stick to the left of your steering wheel you can flip the stick upwards to indicate a right turn and conversely with a flick of the wrist downwards you can indicate a left turn. And the beauty part.....wait for it......the turn signal will turn itself off after you have completed your turn.
Similarly they can be used to indicate any sort of lane change you may be making unfortunately you will have to turn the directional off yourself in this case but it will making a click click click noise to remind that it needs to be turned off

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

laundry dilemma

a dilemma because I can not do laundry....ironic huh? Washing machine is not working so well and of course the soonest Sears can come is Friday so what's a girl to do? I must say I am once again perplexed by the 8 hour window they gave me. In this day age with cell phones, computers, gps, chip under peoples skin why in the high holy hell can they not give me a shorter window of time???? I understand why they cannot be exact but an 8 hour option?!
A shout out to MIL for offering to do any laundry we need doing this week beacuse if we went a whole week without any laundry being done the house would explode