Friday, June 19, 2009

washer repair '09

8:00am-have a nine hour window in which to sit watch for the repairman
9:30am-having Internet issues call cable company problem is on their end
9:45ish am-try to call Sears and narrow window get automated response you have a call scheduled for sometime between 8-5 today
11:09am-catching up on my DVR television shows
11:55am-annoyed thinking that I could have gotten in at least a 1/2 day at work by now if I had been given a shorter window for estimated arrival of repairman by Sears
12:32pm-repairman ETA 1/2 hour
12:53pm-repairman arrives
12:55-think it is the same guy that came out last year I guess this must be his route
1:15pm-will be cheaper to buy a new washing machine rather than fixing it
1:17pm-crap that is annoying
1:25pm- have a little laugh to myself. Each time we visit my parents I always do laundry before leaving and my father jokes that we bring our dirty laundry with us. This time not so much of a joke
1:38pm-whle my MIL has been a huge help doing our laundry I am going to go to a laundromat and get several loads done this afternoon after all the day is pretty much a bust anyway

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