Friday, December 24, 2010

but of course we have to toss in a little bit of crazy

MIL has been a rock throughout all of David's medical problems pretty amazing when you stop and think that he is her baby (and quite honestly her favorite but don't tell the others). So completely awesome I could not do it without her, that being said I get a phone call maybe the day after we brought David home from the hospital and there is a woman at church she knows who couldn't walk without a cane had all sorts of problems and when she stopped taking all her medications she got better walks fine now and maybe we should tell the doctor about that when David goes back to see him....
*sigh* yeah I'll get right on that

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

well I could have done that

the kiddo's latest & greatest when asked to take out the trash he will take the lid off and pack it down then declare there is still plenty of room for more garbage....

Monday, December 20, 2010

pity party for one

I am trying very hard to be the strong one, the positive attitude, one day at a time, baby steps blah blah one so indulge me in a little whine fest this morning if you will
-David's pain issues kicked into overdrive the weekend of my birthday postponing my birthday dinner at a restaurant I love and only get to umm usually once a year for my birthday
-we postponed to the following weekend the one we spent in the ER after the first of 2 ambulance rides last week
-I have been to zero holiday parties and/or gatherings I haven't even been to a festive lunch. It sucks one of the things I enjoy about the season is seeing and spending time with folks I don't get to see on a regular basis
-Our annual New Years Eve Party will not be happening this year...see above that part about not being able to spend time with friends
-my tree is up but without ornaments. I guess I should be grateful it is a prelit tree or it might not even have lights
-family tradition of each picking out a special ornament each Christmas has not happened
-plans for Christmas dinner involved going out to eat so no one had to cook...that is not an option
-Christmas cards are sitting on the dining room table maybe I'll get them done and out on Christmas Day
-Christmas shopping...the only one getting gifts at this point is Connor everyone else in the family will have to wait
-no holiday concerts or driving around looking at Christmas lights as planned
-I have not watched any Christmas movies or specials yet luckily a few are sitting in my DVR
-our second annual ATL holiday trip to shop, eat and just spend time together did not happen
-my Christmas cheer level is at an all time low....a damn shame as this is normally my favorite holiday and time of the year
so whine whine whine bitch bitch bitch poor me
at least David is home from the hospital and improving, not as fast as I would like but improving. I will find joy and love in the fact the three of us will be together and at home on Christmas day

now the dog is limping

in the midst of the whirlwind medical problems that landed David in the hospital I woke up Friday morning to a sick little boy...ok already he is not so little but he is only 10 and he's my little boy. The first indication that something was wrong.."mommy I can't eat breakfast" this kid never refuses food so I knew something was wrong he then proceeded to tell me that he didn't feel well all night but didn't want to bother me because I needed my rest. That statement had me crying in my was short lived and I was cleaning puke of the bedroom carpet in no time. It was thankfully a fast moving tummy bug and he was much improved by Friday evening and completely better on Saturday. David came home from the hospital Saturday and while not all better or heeled making steps in the right direction..I hope. Woke up Sunday morning and poor Oscar was limping.....see I told you they are all trying to drive me crazy

Sunday, December 19, 2010

In Case Emergency

everyone is familiar with listing a contact as ICE in your cell phone but here a a few helpful hints that you might not have considered or maybe you have it's just stuff that came up for me this week
-if you are on any regular medications write them down on an index card with exact dosage. It's easy to hand to an EMT worker or a nurse in the ER, also include any allergies you may have.
-if a loved one is in the hospital you may consider packing an emergency bag in your car clothes, deodorant a toothbrush, ibuprofen if you are prone to headaches or are sleeping on a chair next to someones hospital bed..those things are not built for comfort.
As luck would have it I found myself bunking in David's hospital room due to an icy conditions Wednesday evening. They gave me lovely little grey booties for my feet and a baggie with toothpaste & a toothbrush oh a comb too. It would have been nice to have had some pj pants to slip on & be comfy in.
-if you are dealing with hospital time and or frequent doctor visits throw a book in your car or your ipod or ipad something to keep you amused and occupied. I forgot a book but that was remedied but a quick visit to the gift shop.
-if you are taking someone to the ER a quick bag thrown together for them might be a good idea if they are admitted it saves a trip back home