Monday, December 20, 2010

now the dog is limping

in the midst of the whirlwind medical problems that landed David in the hospital I woke up Friday morning to a sick little boy...ok already he is not so little but he is only 10 and he's my little boy. The first indication that something was wrong.."mommy I can't eat breakfast" this kid never refuses food so I knew something was wrong he then proceeded to tell me that he didn't feel well all night but didn't want to bother me because I needed my rest. That statement had me crying in my was short lived and I was cleaning puke of the bedroom carpet in no time. It was thankfully a fast moving tummy bug and he was much improved by Friday evening and completely better on Saturday. David came home from the hospital Saturday and while not all better or heeled making steps in the right direction..I hope. Woke up Sunday morning and poor Oscar was limping.....see I told you they are all trying to drive me crazy

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