Monday, February 21, 2011

what is wrong with you two?

I wake up early not by choice necessarily I used to love sleeping late and totally miss it but my schedule being what it is I am usually awake for the day by 6 am tops. And being that early on the weekend it's my time, the boys are both still in bed so I can grab some coffee, geek on the computer and watch bad television in peace and quiet. The dog will join me but all he does is lay by my feet and snore. I will admit to being annoyed yesterday morning before I even had the coffee on and C is dragging himself into the living room so bad mommy that I am I banished him to his room to read, play legos go back to sleep whatever it was too early to deal with 20 questions. He went grudgingly but he went but as soon as I got rid of him David decides he is ready to get up for the day. I love both of them but good grief they need to know better that to infringe on my early morning quiet

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