Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas is how many days away??

crap now I am doing pretty okay in the gift buying department but hell the tree is not decorated, the yard isn't either, cards have arrived but I have not even begun to start envelopes, there are cookies to be baked, rum cakes to be made, cheer to be spread...damn I do not have enough time in my day 'cause I have a ton or stuff backed up at work not good product needs to be on the sales floor so it can sell, have a ton of school work due in less than 2 weeks including 2 exams, several social events are planned and then the big belated birthday weekend in Atlanta the very weekend before Christmas. I am tired just thinking about it all..maybe I'll go to bed now and gather strength for the coming weeks
I should really add Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year always has been even working in retail I love this season..I would really like to be able to enjoy it once in awhile because at this rate next time I blink it'll be Valentines Day

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